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  • MP

    MP Web Development | Graphic Design | SEO Optimization MP is my current remote position where I have rebranded the company from MassPay to MP in January 2021. Along with this rebrand came PowerPoint templates, Word Documents, Sales Pitch Decks, Sell Sheets, and more. I also transitioned the website from BlueHost to WP Engine where […]

  • Kinetic Seeds

    Kinetic Seeds

    Kinetic Seeds Web Design | Brand Update I worked with the leaders of Kinetic Seeds, Chris Flanagan and Leigh Cappello, to transfer their business to a new platform and rebuild the website to suit their needs. I transferred their DNS and hosting from GoDaddy to WP Engine, where I then rebuilt their website using a […]

  • Cosimini Coaching

    Cosimini Coaching Web Design | Branding | Social Media I worked alongside Dr. Heather Cosimini to bring her side business to life. After a lot of planning and mapping out what was needed on her end, I began drawing up a plan in Adobe XD. After approval to go forward with the look I thought […]

  • Visionary

    Visionary Mobile Habit App | UI/UX | Illustration Visionary is a habit tracking app in Adobe XD paired with a website product page for the app itself. This was a good chance to learn the user flow and experience of potential users. After interviewing and testing my product on multiple different people, many not knowing […]

  • Futura & Garamond

    Futura & Garamond Type Posters | Print Production | Typography Futura & Garamond are very well known fonts, so I decided to design posters for them as I learned about them. Exploring these different fonts was an interesting task, I did a lot of research and found fonts that could correlate with multiple different designs. […]

  • Sugarsweet Ramune

    Sugarsweet Ramune Print Production | UI/UX | Illustration Sugarsweet Ramune was a web project for a single product page. I turned that idea into a physical print project as well once the ramune was purchased in the different flavors I could find. While creating the physical product, I also created a 3D rendered bottle and […]

  • Tim Cox

    Tim Cox Artist Analysis | Video Production | Video Editing Working in teams, we began writing a script, capturing and editing footage that documents an individual artist, in our case, we chose Tim Cox, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Johnson & Wales University. Once our script was crafted, we let our subject know the […]

  • Hollow City

    Hollow City Book Cover Redesign | Print Production | Illustration Recently, a friend of mine let me borrow her copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and I loved every second of the book. So finding a book to redesign was the easy part. The initial project assignment was to create a book cover […]

  • Magic+

    Magic+ Mobile Web App | UI/UX | Illustration Magic+ is a web app that solves a problem for guests traveling to Disney parks worldwide. I utilized DarkSky API to track the weather across Europe, America, and Asia. The brand mimics Disney’s Mickey Mouse theme as well as the castles found at every park with illustrations […]

  • Bingeworthy

    Bingeworthy UI/UX | Child Theme | Recipe Review Bingeworthy is a microsite with its parent site being Bon Appétit. It is a review site for people learning how to do home cooking during quarantine. I reviewed 5 recipes from Andrew Rea’s Binging with Babish, and then I try to recreate those 5 recipes with whatever […]

  • JWU Equinox

    Equinox Print Production | Video Production | Illustration JWU Equinox was a concert event client from our Design Solutions Team. The required deliverables for this concert included posters, social media ads, handbills, backdrops, guest passes, wristbands, and stickers. I took on the social media ads, wristbands, and handbills. The equinox concept was thought up by […]

  • Breaking the Stigma

    Breaking the Stigma Stop Motion | Video Production | Video Editing The project was to create an awareness video for mental illness, as there was a lot of issues being talked about during the time of assignment. After a lot of brainstorming, my partner and I agreed on the format of creating a stop motion […]

  • IGT

    IGT Internship | Print Production | Video Production At IGT, I was the Graphic Design Intern for about 4 months. My time there ended short due to the pandemic, but the work I am able to show is a good representation of my time spent there. I started off doing a lot of video production […]

  • BoJack Horseman

    BoJack Horseman Title Sequence | Video Production | Illustration Creating a title sequence is not the easiest task. It takes a lot of planning to figure out which intro would be recreatable. My original idea of recreating Narcos didn’t work out, so BoJack Horseman being one of my favorite shows of recent was the obvious […]