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Bingeworthy is a microsite with its parent site being Bon Appétit. It is a review site for people learning how to do home cooking during quarantine. I reviewed 5 recipes from Andrew Rea’s Binging with Babish, and then I try to recreate those 5 recipes with whatever ingredients I have in my home. I filmed and edited my footage with limited work space, and used imagery and videos from Rea’s YouTube channel and website. I utilized HTML and CSS to craft the layout for this website and then brought it into WordPress after creating the child theme. The navigation was one of the trickiest parts, in the top right I have a link to the recipe index. Opposite of that is the logo and navigation to the home page. Then there is the navigation between the articles themselves and while there was meant to be 10 posts, I shrunk it down to 5 with 2 posts in each. This unique layout challenged me a lot and was inspired by a few different magazines, and the color schemes came from Bon Appétit and Binging with Babish himself. I am a huge fan of Babish, and I knew I wanted to take on something that intrigued me a lot with this project. So I combined some of my favorite things, cooking and design!

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