This blog is setup as a website as it was a former project of mine. I decided to keep the design because there were only minor changes that were needed to make it better. I went to Italy for 10 days and had some amazing experiences. If you want to read about it I’d love for you to open it up and see! This basically stands as a database for my adventures including images and videos from Italy. My family stayed in the center of Rome, about a minute from the Spanish Steps. We explored Rome a ton as we stayed there a majority of the time, while Florence, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast were all day trips. If you just want to see the images and videos, scroll all the way to the end and there is a masonry display of everything I saw. Hope you can enjoy viewing my experiences!

Photo taken at the Pantheon

This blog is formatted as a website as it was a formal project I wanted to display as a blog piece.


The Story Behind D.C.

This blog started as more of a diary piece. I wanted to keep track of all of the amazing things I was able to experience as well as share it online! I also share these photos over on my Instagram as well. This trip was organized with EF Explore America and they did an amazing job with the itinerary setup and guides. I learned so much as I explored DC for the second time in my life. This trip was definitely a lot more memorable because it was for Trump’s inauguration. I may not be the biggest fan of him, but he is still the President of the United States, so it was still incredible to live through.

Photo taken at the Newseum

This blog is pulled from an old website, that is why formatting may be off.


Canvas | Tattoo Inquiry

This blog started as a child themed website, but I felt it wasn’t functional and stylish enough, so I condensed it into this blog post. I also did not want to put my friends descriptive answers to waste as they sent me a lot more responses than are seen below. This “site” functions as a place where people can see other peoples opinions to questions they may have when getting their first tattoo, or if they feel strange that they find tattoos therapeutic. My first experience with tattoos was very stressful, but about an hour or so into it it turned into a therapeutic experience. The sound of the tattoo gun became rhythmic rather than menacing. I hope you enjoy reading through this! Let me know what you think.

Logo designed by me

This blog is a pulled apart version of a child themed website I created, that is why formatting may be off and it is down to the basics.