Breaking the Stigma

Stop Motion | Video Production | Video Editing

The project was to create an awareness video for mental illness, as there was a lot of issues being talked about during the time of assignment. After a lot of brainstorming, my partner and I agreed on the format of creating a stop motion video. This idea would ultimately stand out from the rest, as it is a different medium, and sends a very direct message. It took about three days to get all the shooting done, and our narrators were quick and responsive. The editing then took the longest, 3,500 pictures took a long time to load and process. This film has a couple of different scenes, each of them shot with a different lens, and has different content. They all coincide and flow very smoothly to create this entire piece. With the help of our narrators and a few days of research, we were able to come up with all of the information needed. The biggest challenge was storage and editing, which we took in stride. The final film sends a strong message and is done with powerful words and voices to back it.

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