Burn Box | Rhino Sanction

Product Design | Illustration | Former UI/UX

Burn Box was a candle subscription service created through WordPress. I felt that what really made it shine was the branding and products, as you can see below. The candles came in a variety of styles and themes that related to pop culture and popular geographic locations. The web page designs were sleek and satisfying to view, but unfortunately I did not maintain updates, so everything from PHP to WordPress, and all the plugins are outdated and to redo them would be to redo everything. The same goes for Rhino Sanction, except this was a Design for Good Campaign created to represent the time I spent in my early years volunteering at Heifer Farms. I did everything from cooking, to taking care of the animals for events, it was a ton of amazing experiences that I wanted to try and represent in my work. So, Rhino Sanction was based on a fictional Rhino Sanctuary to help save the rhinos and try to help them from extinction. Although the structures designed around these series of products are gone, I feel as if these products could come to life one day and for that, I think they deserve a space in my portfolio.

The Websites are no longer up, but the products are good representatives of them.

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