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  • Full Circle Full Circle Product Design | Print Production | UI/UX Full Circle is an organic hygiene brand that specializes specifically in shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and lotion. I decided on a darker sophisticated look to not only add variety to my portfolio, but additionally for it to stand apart from many of it’s competitors. Following product […]

  • DoDough

    DoDough Branding | Print Production | Illustration Dodough came to fruition after being given the task to create a logo series based off of the themes: Responsive, Adaptive, Minimalism, Integrated Negative Space, Texture/ Detailing, Geometric/Overlapping, Historic, Badges, Handwritten, Flat 2.0, Vintage, and 80/90’s Memphis. We were also given a large list of words to choose […]

  • New York Neighborhood

    New York Neighborhood Client Work | Print Production | Illustration New York Neighborhood was a corporate culinary client taken on by our Design Solutions Team. I had around 3 weeks to come up with a unique solution that would help make their restaurant stand out amongst all others. The deliverables required branding, station menus, catering […]

  • Design Solutions Team

    Design Solutions Team UI/UX | Print | Video Design Solutions Team is a collection of projects created by myself and my team, Shawn, Erin, and Tim. The images below depict some of my favorite work I did for these projects, the series of image links below that leads to all of the work for each […]

  • Burn Box | Rhino Sanction

    Burn Box | Rhino Sanction Product Design | Illustration | Former UI/UX Burn Box was a candle subscription service created through WordPress. I felt that what really made it shine was the branding and products, as you can see below. The candles came in a variety of styles and themes that related to pop culture […]