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I worked alongside Dr. Heather Cosimini to bring her side business to life. After a lot of planning and mapping out what was needed on her end, I began drawing up a plan in Adobe XD. After approval to go forward with the look I thought would fit what she was striving for, I began with her branding. The branding was created to her specifications, with a celtic triskelion as the icon. Ignite Action is her chosen tagline, and she wanted to feature her 3 specialties at the bottom, coaching, consulting, and counseling. As a private life coach, she really wanted to lay out her abilities and skills in a clear and precise manner. As a life coach, you do not normally put your prices up front, so there is a contact me section on multiple pages to try and entice viewers to take the first step of reaching out. I utilized Yoast SEO to make sure her website could easily be found, WooCommerce for her hidden store, as well as Advanced Custom Fields to integrate her coded blog posts for easy use on her end. I also created her social media posts primarily through Canva so she could take over with the templates I created. The different post cover a lot of what her website covers, including testimonials, product details, and services. It has been more than a pleasure getting to reconnect with Heather outside of school in a professional scene, I am looking forward to what the future holds for our continuing work.

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