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Design Solutions Team is a collection of projects created by myself and my team, Shawn, Erin, and Tim. The images below depict some of my favorite work I did for these projects, the series of image links below that leads to all of the work for each project. I did not feel like my work on some of these projects was extensive enough to give them each there own project space, so I combined them here. Other projects that were part of Design Solutions Team include Equinox and New York Neighborhood, they have their own pages. Our team was called “Forward Design” and we worked together from September 2019 until February 2020. We continually worked and pushed ourselves harder and harder to produce the highest quality work possible. The atmosphere made the experience together memorable, and I will forever be thankful for being pushed to be a better overall graphic designer.

Click the logos to see the projects. First Page Designs are Mine, Second Page is my Teams.

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