Full Circle

Product Design | Print Production | UI/UX

Full Circle is an organic hygiene brand that specializes specifically in shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and lotion. I decided on a darker sophisticated look to not only add variety to my portfolio, but additionally for it to stand apart from many of it’s competitors. Following product trends, I envision this product to be carried in organic stores like Whole Foods and companies of the like. I came up with the name Full Circle because I wanted the products to be used, then the bottles would be shipped back to where it is produced, filled back up, and sent back to the buyer. This could be done with a one time purchase or a monthly subscription fee. An advertisement was created to promote new products and this subscription idea which can be found in the brand style guide. The Full Circle website built in Adobe XD also follows the same aesthetic with a dark color scheme with colorful circles. A brand style guide was also created so that theoretically someone new to the company could come in and understand the product, logo usage, and typography in a short amount of time. Then they could view a competitors audit to help them understand the types of products and the designs they have that we are going up against. This points out our target audience and puts us in a good place for what we need to accomplish with our product line.

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