Futura & Garamond

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Futura & Garamond are very well known fonts, so I decided to design posters for them as I learned about them. Exploring these different fonts was an interesting task, I did a lot of research and found fonts that could correlate with multiple different designs. I ended up with one of my favorite fonts Futura, and an unfamiliar one, Garamond. Once my research was complete, I used the fact that Futura was based off of geometric shapes to build my poster. Utilizing a lot of different shapes and colors to create a cohesive look that linked with it’s history. Garamond on the other hand was created by a Parisian, so I built the Eiffel Tower out of Garamonds unique letterforms. These posters represent the ins and outs of these fonts, showing off facts correlating to their histories and paying homage to their designers. The Futura & Garamond posters appeal to anyone interested in graphic design and who want to learn more about these fonts. These appeal towards the creative minds who want to learn more about what they are using in all of their work.

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