Hollow City

Book Cover Redesign | Print Production | Illustration

Recently, a friend of mine let me borrow her copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and I loved every second of the book. So finding a book to redesign was the easy part. The initial project assignment was to create a book cover by hand using illustrations and colors. I wanted to craft a design that would span from front to back cover to keep intrigue throughout the entire piece. I immediately created the peregrine because that is a big focus in the book, even being a part of the title. That image along with the stopwatch could sum up the main plot alone. The cover in its entirety sends a very strong message about the book. Although someone looking on from the outside may not get it, someone that has read the first book or watched the movie would understand. The background pattern subtly represents the time warp, and it all hints to the end of the story. Avid readers may enjoy this design because it eludes to several concepts within the book, and has hidden messages. My target audience is Miss Peregrine readers and fans of fiction. I personally loved the series, and I believe this design represents Hollow City well. This could be a good substitute for the current cover, following a different look from the series, but a unique take on it.

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