Internship | Print Production | Video Production

At IGT, I was the Graphic Design Intern for about 4 months. My time there ended short due to the pandemic, but the work I am able to show is a good representation of my time spent there. I started off doing a lot of video production which can be seen on my website. I was set up as the main cameraman and co-director for a lot of it due to my camera experience prior to starting my work at IGT. I was only allowed to do some of the simpler editing that was just for in-house viewing, the out-of-house videos were done by my coworker. I also utilized a lot of previously made advertisements and materials to help setup and hold consistency throughout my use of the brand. Such as with the advertisements in support of the Boys & Girls Club, Providence Public Library, and more. The work I had more freedom with included the performance badges that would be displayed on IGT’s gaming machines to show how they are doing, as well as banners and icons that I was able to create patterns for that will be utilized on internal manager blogs. My time spent at IGT was quite memorable and I am very glad I was able to get that experience. I worked on a variety of platforms and created multiple different deliverables for clients in and out of the company.

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