Mobile Web App | UI/UX | Illustration

Magic+ is a web app that solves a problem for guests traveling to Disney parks worldwide. I utilized DarkSky API to track the weather across Europe, America, and Asia. The brand mimics Disney’s Mickey Mouse theme as well as the castles found at every park with illustrations including Cinderella’s Castle, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and the Enchanted Storybook Castle. Each castle matches the location where they exist around the world. You can find the hourly information, weekly information, and more specific details about the current day in the app. I came up with this theme after my professor told us to try and create a weather app for an untouched area. The project was originally supposed to cover one area or region but I found a good way to include every park. The time displayed in the app shows the hour it is in your current location no matter the time in the area you are looking into. The illustrations depict 12 different major types of weather with a unique and eye catching look. Although Magic+ is utilized for mobile, it is also functional on the desktop with a slightly different interface depicting my illustrations in greater depth. This really challenged my illustration skills as well as some problem solving skills as I went in blind after being told about this API. Finding ways to display multiple locations successfully was a tough and unique challenge that really helped make this app stand out.

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