New York Neighborhood

Client Work | Print Production | Illustration

New York Neighborhood was a corporate culinary client taken on by our Design Solutions Team. I had around 3 weeks to come up with a unique solution that would help make their restaurant stand out amongst all others. The deliverables required branding, station menus, catering menus, tickets, takeaways, and social media ads. I took on the catering menu, tickets, and takeaway item which ended up being stickers. I came up with the concept for the catering menu before we even had the logo decided on and I began prepping for how I would take action. I thought of the laser cut out into the skyline as a unique and interactive way to tie in the brand with the menu. I utilized imagery found from New York subways for this as well as for the tickets. I designed the tickets to replicate the looks of subway metro cards so when entering one of the food stations, you would have your ticket to allow you entry. The stickers were a sort of challenge in and of itself, I did not want to just put the logo on there, so I included an apple illustration that I used on the back of the catering menu. As well as different buildings, letterings, and colors to complete this cohesive brand.

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