Sugarsweet Ramune

Sugarsweet Ramune was a web project for a single product page. I turned that idea into a physical print project as well once the ramune was purchased in the different flavors I could find. While creating the physical product, I also created a 3D rendered bottle and applied the different unique labels to it. These different mediums were displayed throughout my website in multiple different ways while also using GSAP for some of the animation features found throughout my website. Some of the more simple animation is done through CSS keyframes such as the waves where they just move slightly up and back down. I took inspiration from the original brand, Shirakiku, as well as certain sakè that exhibit black and white minimal labels. A lot of Japanese advertising is bright and colorful, so to Americanize it I kept to a minimal color palette that just utilized the color that relates to the flavor of ramune. To create an even more intriguing flow throughout the page, I used a parallax effect on many different text and images. This modern brand meets the carbonated Japanese soda to create a cohesive looking product that could be found alongside name brand beverages throughout America.

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