Mobile Habit App | UI/UX | Illustration

Visionary is a habit tracking app in Adobe XD paired with a website product page for the app itself. This was a good chance to learn the user flow and experience of potential users. After interviewing and testing my product on multiple different people, many not knowing anything about graphic design, I learned the ins and outs of what would make a fully functioning app to please my users. I used multiple sources of inspiration to craft the unique look of my app where the shapes transition on every new page. These different inspirations also taught me what I need to display in my on boarding as well as user signups. This then leads to the project setup where you can track your real life progress as well as checking off tasks to really focus on bettering your design skills. The website uses gifs to display the flow of the project but if you really want to get into the app itself there is a button that takes you right into the app through XD. This app can be accessed by any creative person, whether it is for freelance or for fun. With such a broad audience, I knew I needed to appeal to the majority with a colorful and playful look and color palette. A major challenge I ran into was creating the tie between project tracking app and habit tracking app. This tie was accomplished through the milestones which you can set and track as well as having a home screen that displays each trackable item.

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